The key to creating a foundation for sharable and comparable nurse-sensitive data is the use of nationally recognized data standards. The American Nurses Association (ANA) recognizes 10 terminologies and two data sets that should be used to represent nursing practice and management; yet, the use of the terminologies and data sets in practice remains limited. Nursing terminologies are knowledge models, describing the contribution of nursing to patient care and outcomes, which are essential elements of the Nursing Minimum Data Set. Conference participants collaborate on initiatives to create health policies in support of using standardized nursing terminologies. A recent example of a successful state-level initiative, created by Big Data Conference participants, includes Minnesota’s reply to the need for inclusion of nursing terminologies in healthcare settings. The Minnesota Commissioner of Health, in response to the Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee, recommended the use of nursing terminologies in every healthcare setting throughout the state.1 Extending this initiative to the national level, the ANA Board and the Office of the National Coordinator made similar recommendations