2019 Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference Proceedings

The seventh-annual Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science (NKBDS) Conference brought together professionals from academia, practice, research, information technology, health systems and standards organizations. Currently, there are 11 virtual workgroups, which shared their accomplishments to advance sharable and comparable nurse sensitive data integrated with patient, interprofessional and social determinants of health data to improve health and health care.

Clinical Data Analytics Workgroup

Lisiane Pruinelli, PhD, MS, RN

Dr. Pruinelli presented the purpose of the Clinical Data Analytics Workgroup with the emergence of objectives over the past 7 years.  She described the engagement of national participants in collaborative data science,  current nursing data science publications and population health informatics. She highlighted how healthcare organizations have collaborated on validation of information models to standardize flowsheet data for expanding common data models to support quality improvement and research.